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Monday, January 12, 2004

I had a chance to meet Howard Bashman this evening -- he gave a delightful speech here, sponsored by the Journal of Law and Technology, all about his weblog, "How Appealing," which has grown from a simple idea that it might be nice to have one place with all of the news from appellate courts around the country to something that is certainly indispensable to anyone who does any of this law stuff for real, or just anyone interested in what's going on in the legal world. One of his most interesting stories was about how a Supreme Court clerk who relies on the site invited him down to Washington for a "backstage tour" and the clerks treated him like royalty for what he provides via his blog.

I was fortunate to have a chance to join Mr. Bashman and a bunch of other students for dinner after the speech. I wish all of the lawyers I met during the recruiting process were as pleasant to have a meal with. I thought he was great.

The speech will apparently be archived here on the Journal's web site. My RealPlayer is corrupted so I can't tell if it's up yet.

P.S. I know I got back to my apartment before he got back to his hotel, and he still beat me to the post by 16 minutes. Amazing.