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Monday, January 26, 2004

**there's new stuff beneath this post, but I'm going to leave this one on top for now** :)

One of my posts from last year is up for a vote in BlogMadness 2003. I'm in the third box in the left column of the page, ranked #4. So if you like my weblog, go vote for me! (and tell your friends :) I'm currently losing 3-1, but that's a surmountable deficit, I think. Voting goes through Tuesday night for this round, and then there's other rounds, but I'm not worried about those yet. vote here. (the voting, by the way, requires no personal information at all and takes no time.) (the interface confused me a little bit -- if you click the vote! button underneath the box with my weblog in it, the voting choice will come up in the far left column... so if you look there it's easy; I just didn't know to look there until after I'd read the whole center screen)