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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Totally random notes:

1. They have free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the classroom buildings every morning. So with my three-hour class starting each day at 9:00, and it being about 14 degrees Kelvin outside, I've been grabbing a cup of tea the past couple of days (I'm not into coffee; I'd rather be a little sleepy in the morning if it means I've got no problems falling asleep at night). So today I put in a little bit of what I assumed was sugar, from one of those glass sugar containers with the little metal spout. But I noticed when I was drinking it that it was really, really sweet. I didn't think I'd put in that much sugar, but.... So at the break we've got in the middle of class I went to refill -- it wasn't sugar; it was Equal. Man, that stuff is powerful.

2. There's a terrorism class in a room across the hall from mine. I don't know the professor who teaches it, but I think there'd be a good joke to be made if it turns out that the professor teaching the terrorism course is truly terrifying. Sorry.