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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Washington Post had a list for the New Year of what's OUT (like: Mutual Funds) and what's IN (like: Google's IPO). Lists like this are stupid. But here's a law-school-related one anyway.


Johnnie Cochrane / Mark Geragos
Civil Procedure / Advanced Civil Procedure
LSAT test prep classes / Studying on your own
Article 2 / Article 9
The Model Penal Code / The Federal Rules of Evidence
Take-home exams / Writing a paper
Hats in class / Scarves in class
Snood / Super Text Twist
Affirmative Action / Diversity
Panels / Cold-calling
Grades / Effort
Lunch / Dinner
Lexis / Nexis
Higher U.S. News ranking / Higher tuition
State law / Federal law
Souter / Breyer
Footnotes / Endnotes
Paper / Ink
Reading cases / Not wearing underwear
Fletcher v. Rylands / Rylands v. Fletcher
Spilling hot coffee on yourself / Spilling hot soup on yourself
Prox cards / Theft
Libraries / Bookstores
Informed sources / Weblogs