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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dean Loses Primaries, Bares Breast on National TV

(VERMONT) "Wardrobe malfunction" was the term Howard Dean's advisors used to explain why he bared his breast during his concession speech following tonight's primary returns.

There were signs that this was not an accident. It happened during the portion of Dean's stump speech known among his supporters as "Rock Your Vote," in which he promises his supporters to "have you naked by the end of this cadence of standard political rhetoric." Dean's press director had told an MSNBC correspondent to expect "some shocking moments." And some Dean supporters were, no doubt, disappointed to see that it was only his breast that was exposed, and that his nipple was covered by a hanging chad.

It was a disappointing night for the former Vermont governor, who had once hoped to clinch the nomination with the round of contests tonight. Instead, it became just another in a series of campaign missteps. Dean was apologetic: "sometimes our emotions just get the breast -- er, best -- of us."