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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Latest in a series: more free stuff from the Dean. She's expanded wireless access. I think I may be the only student here without a wireless card. But anyway. She included this message in her e-mail -- which, since I don't have a wireless card doesn't affect me anyway, but:

Second and equally important, students should not use the wireless network during class unless a professor specifically has authorized such use. Violation of this rule is harmful to the learning process and disrespectful to both faculty and fellow students. Except when the professor determines that access to the network will enhance the
educational experience, the classroom is not an appropriate place to make use of network service. Given the law school's paramount goal of providing the finest possible education to all its students, I cannot stress enough the importance of this restriction.
I want to know in what class access to the network will enhance the learning experience. "Class, I'm about to ramble on for a while, so this may be a good time to check sports scores or instant message your friend at Yale." Eh. If it cuts down on the amount of ESPN in my peripheral vision, I'll be somewhat pleased.