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Monday, February 02, 2004

One of my friends got engaged this past weekend, and I thought I'd send him and his fiance a card. A paper card, since that's nicer than the Hallmark e-variety. Although those are better than nothing I guess. So I went to the local pharmacy-with-a-greeting-card-section expecting a wealth of choices in the "engagement" category. Nope. There was one "engagement" heading mixed in with the wedding cards, but it was empty. So I had to be creative. Birthday? No. Thank You? No. Wedding? Uh... maybe... except they all say "wedding" on them. No good. Anniversary? Is there a Happy Negative-1st Anniversary card? No. Sympathy? Well... no. Wrong tone. Get Well Soon? Now that would be quite a card to receive for your engagement! Congratulations? Oh, yeah, that makes sense. So I started looking at the congratulations cards. "Bravo!" Nope, not quite. "Congratulations on all your successes." Uh, no. "Good things come to those who wait." Perhaps. But perhaps that would send an odd and confusing message. "Your achievements make us proud." Who's writing these cards? "You've finally done it!" Would I *ever* want to receive a card that said that? There's an edge to that "finally," isn't there? Anyway, I eventually settled on a card that just said "Congratulations" with pictures of balloons and fireworks, and I wrote a message in.