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Friday, February 20, 2004

A reader just let me know that Dana Carvey, appearing on Leno tonight, told a joke that was substantively the same as my Howard Dean joke from Wednesday about what it would be like to be his patient if he goes back to practicing medicine ("...and then I'm gonna stick this tube all the way into your colon! Yeaaaaaaaaagh!"). I'm kinda psyched about it. If I'm coming up with the same joke as Dana Carvey, that's not bad company to be in. I remember his sketch comedy show from about 7 or 8 years ago -- only lasted a handful of episodes, but I thought it was hilarious. Wish it was on DVD. Can't find it. Maybe on e-bay.

Also, thanks to Howard Bashman for the link to my post below about the 40 leadership positions on the Harvard Law Review.

AND: For anyone who can't get enough, I'm guest-blogging over at Crescat Sententia this week, honored simply to have been asked. It's a cool blog. I just (literally, just a minute ago) posted my first piece over there, which mentions Pasta, Saddam Hussein, and Abortion, all in the space of three paragraphs. I think I've just guaranteed a hit from the next person who googles "Abortion Pasta." You know, for the big italian buffet that always accompanies the occasion. I wouldn't write that if it wasn't coming up on 2 A.M. I think it's time for bed.