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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was overwhelmed by the response, which just goes to show me that begging for e-mail works pretty well. I'll try to keep future begging to a minimum, although I think anyone would agree that it's a lot better than if I stuck one of those PayPal donation boxes over in the corner and every so often pointed it out and mentioned that I'm a poor law school student who will only be earning $2400 a week this summer and I'd really love a new pair of socks since the old one is getting kind of dirty. No, seriously, I read one or two weblogs that are pretty good but the people who write them do occasionally solicit donations, and I know maybe they're worth it, and maybe they really do need the money, but there's something really unseemly about it. At least offer me a t-shirt or something. But anyway, I was glad to get the birthday e-mails I got, and I won't be putting up a PayPal donation box anytime in the foreseeable future, although anyone who'd be excited to give money to the cause is encouraged instead to tell everyone you know that I'm funny and they should read my site. Or don't. It's fine either way. I don't send mass e-mails to my friends telling them I read the New York Times on the web; I don't expect you to tell your friends you read my song parodies. But if you did, it's not like I'd be angry. :)