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Friday, February 13, 2004

This morning I woke up in the middle of an unusually vivid dream where I was being escorted around New York by three representatives from a law firm, one of which was the Josh Lyman character on the West Wing, another was a partner at the firm, and the third was some guy I think was a co-worker of mine in a summer job I had a few years ago. Anyway, I kept asking "lifestyle" questions -- "do people have any other interests besides work?" "what if I had an appointment on a Saturday and wanted to keep it?" "is it important that I bring a pillow to the office for the nights I may have to sleep there?" -- and the partner kept giving me answers about how you come and work for the firm and the firm is your life, and the West Wing guy kept saying that it was mostly true but that the partner told him to embellish a little bit, because it's just all part of the game, and we walked across a highway overpass and then down a very narrow spiral staircase to a diner, where they introduced me to "the granddaughter of the commissioner of baseball," who was apparently, in the world of my dream, very famous and the subject of much media attention. But we could only say hello and grab a quick waffle (yes, a waffle -- maybe that means something!) because we had to get back to the office for the meeting about the asbestos. I don't know what else the meeting was about.