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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Today at noon, I get to try out the new online grade reporting system to find out my grade in my winter term class. When 1L grades came out, a 1L I know happened to e-mail me at about 11:45 saying he'd gotten his grades. So I know that when they say noon they don't mean exactly noon. So how many times do you think I've checked so far this morning? :) I know I shouldn't really care, but I'm curious, and I kind of want to know. And it's not there yet. But soon. Perhaps. Stopping my morning productivity. Of course, my morning productivity is usually stopped by something anyway. At least today I have an actual reason. Not a good reason. But at least it's something. (UPDATE: Got the grade at 11:52. Anticlimactic, of course. Looks pretty much like all the others. Like everyone's do.)

Also -- just curious and looking for input -- if any of you were En Banc readers, or read any group weblogs, and there are things you specifically liked / didn't like / would like / ideas / etc -- e-mail me and let me know your thoughts. Trying to figure out next steps, and seems reasonable to see if anyone has any interesting thoughts or ideas.