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Friday, March 26, 2004

Any Blue Jays fans out there will want to check out this long but excellent season preview. Link courtesy of The Hardball Times.

Also for baseball fans: tomorrow afternoon I have my fifth (and final) fantasy baseball draft of the pre-season (yes, I know I am slightly obsessed, but I will stop writing about fantasy baseball once the season starts, I promise)... I'm hoping to write up some sort of draft success/failure wrap-up that will also serve as a baseball season preview of sorts. Expect that Monday or Tuesday.

Other posts-in-the-pipeline news (clearly I'm stretching for inspiration here, and kind of want to go to sleep...) -- course selection for next year is coming soon; as soon as the registrar posts a catalog online, I expect to be able to milk that for some fun posts. Also, I had dinner with a pair of fellow bloggers tonight that I'd hadn't met before and one of the topics that came up was how blogging about goup blogging can be fun, so maybe I'll write something up about the ill-fated En Banc, or the hopefully-better-fated De Novo (which, incidentally, is still looking for people interested in writing something for our Internet Law & Society symposium coming on April 5. E-mail me if you want to write something we might want to post there -- whether you're a fellow blogger or just a reader).