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I recently graduated from Harvard Law School. This is my weblog. It tries to be funny. E-mail me if you like it. For an index of what's lurking in the archives, sorted by category, click here.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

M4W -- Pretty blond asleep at your laptop in the reference room, Contracts treatise open on your desk. Can I be your study buddy?

W4M -- You were ten minutes late to Con Law. I grabbed an outline for you. You looked sexy when you raised your hand. I was hoping to get a peek at your notes and see what I missed when I went to the bathroom, but your laptop was turned a little too much to the left. Maybe during the ten-minute break tomorrow you can explain rational basis review to me?

W4MMW -- Looking for some moot court action. Any teams of three need a fourth? I'm versatile.

W4M -- You were standing in front of me on line at the counseling center. I was the one with the cuts on my wrists; you had the empty pill bottle and the vacant look in your eyes. I think you're cute.

T4TTT -- Saw the three of you studying Torts in the student center at 6AM Wednesday. Hoping I can join your study group. I got a B+ in Property last semester. And already have half an outline.

M4W -- I keep seeing you at the career services orientations. Baggy sweatshirt, no makeup, dark circles under your eyes. Are you as confused as I am about this whole process? I'd love to trade resumes sometime and get your feedback.

P4S -- You sit in the second row of my evidence class. I haven't called on you yet. You make me nervous. You have really pretty eyes. My wife's out of town next weekend. Any interest in "office hours" ??

M4M -- Never taken a practice exam with another guy before, but I'm curious how it would feel. Drug/disease free.

C4C -- I saw you mailing your clerkship applications the other day, at the post office. I was the guy with the box full of envelopes. I'd love to know what judges you've heard back from. I'm still waiting for my first interview. Hope you're doing better. I hear the third circuit is hot this year. I think you're hot too.

W4MMM -- Looking for a bunch of cute guys to tie me to a chair and quiz me with flash cards for the Bar Exam. Nothing too kinky, just the multi-state section.

S4P -- I sit in the second row of your evidence class. You haven't called on me yet. Maybe your wife'll be out of town soon and we can have some "office hours." I have a "paper topic" I'd like to "talk" to you about. It involves "a recent tax court decision" about "deductions" and I was hoping you could "point me to some introductory reading material" so that I can "write up an outline."

M4W -- Saw you crying in the cafeteria. I cry too sometimes. Maybe we can cry together. I'm part of a support group where we all get together and cry every once in a while. It's fun.