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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

For anyone on the Harvard campus... check out the law school parody show, opening tonight and running through Saturday. I was one of eight writers; after all the meetings and read-throughs and revisions, I'm not even sure I know for certain which lines were mine and which weren't, not that it matters. It's a solid show. It's a two-hour musical comedy poking fun at law school life, students, and professors -- with some cool cameos by professors and some nice singing and dancing. Better than a movie, and only slightly more expensive.

I have a relatively small amount of stuff to do -- it's a big cast; 50 people I think, so most of us really don't have all that much to do -- but there's still all sorts of potential for me to flub one of my four lines, or forget to carry the table offstage that I'm supposed to help move, or get tangled in the curtain.

UPDATE: Looks like Mike over at Wings and Vodka just survived his school's parody show. I have a hunch that the {law student / writes a weblog / performs in parody show} club is not much larger than the two of us. Perhaps someone will tell me I'm wrong.