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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Gotta admit, I'm not big on inspiration the last few days -- performing each night is sort of taking the bulk of my mindshare and I'm just not getting many ideas. So anyone with a question about law school, or something you want to know about me, or want me to write about, feel free to shoot something my way. Except spam. Please don't shoot spam my way. Or spitballs. None of those. Been getting an awful lot of those weird Nigerian "help me with my bank account" spam e-mails. Like I've landed on some bank-friendly mailing list or something. Maybe some crazy Nigerian banker is actually reading my weblog and has added me to his spam list. I don't know. Maybe all of the body-part-enlargement and second-mortgage-loan people have given up their trades and switched to the Nigerian bank account business. Maybe if I put all of my money in a Nigerian bank account, the conversion rate will be such that it will seem like I have more than twenty-seven cents (four hundred pesos! wow!). Maybe if I hide my summer salary in a Nigerian bank account I'll qualify for more financial aid.

Show went well tonight. Rumor has it my Tax professor was there. I didn't see her, but other people did. Maybe she'll talk about it in class tomorrow. Maybe she'll talk about whether we should have charged tax on the tickets. I hope not. That would be horribly boring. Maybe she'll give out more candy, like she's been doing the past few days to encourage us to participate. She seems like an awfully nice person. Despite the fact that she teaches Tax Law.