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Monday, March 15, 2004

I attended the following event tonight:

Attorneys in Politics. Professor David Barron will moderate this exciting panel of 4 attorneys (2 Republicans and 2 Democrats!) who have combined their passion for politics with their law degrees. The panelists are Christopher Lehane '94, National Political Consultant for Gore, Kerry and Clark Presidential Campaigns, Don McGahn, General Counsel of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Cheryl Cronin, Brown, Rudnick and Counsel to Boston 2004, Bobbie Hantz, Gottesman & Hollis, Republican Activist and Former Exec. Director of the New Hampshire Republican Committee.
I'll have a news article about it in this week's law school newspaper, and post it on here once I've written it. Basically: it was interesting, but nothing extraordinary, although it is kind of disappointing that, besides Lehane, these are the best three examples of people mixing law with politics that they could find, better than anyone who's an alum... surely there have got to be more graduates from here doing political work that would be willing to come talk... it was a very well moderated panel, incidentally, by a very solid professor I had last semester for Local Government Law.