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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The law school a cappella singing group I'm in does a spring concert each year where we give the proceeds to a charity of the group's choosing. I may have mentioned before that I was advocating we choose the National Association for the Deaf, which I think would be funny, but it's been vetoed because it may be offensive. So my second suggestion, since we serve beer at the concert, is to donate money to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or Alcoholics Anonymous. Again, vetoed. Offensive. I mean, I guess I understand. I tried a third suggestion, in my head I tried to somehow link our singing to those wailing sounds that animals make and suggested the ASPCA, but I'm not sure my thinking really comes across all that clearly with that suggestion. Anyway, we'll probably end up choosing some actual, legitimate charity whose appearance on our signs won't be designed to cause laughter but rather sympathy and good-hearted feelings like that. Which I suppose is a good thing. Two of the songs we're doing are "Like a Prayer" and "God Only Knows" -- perhaps the Atheist Fund or something like that (is there something like that?) should be my next suggestion. I'm just trying to cause trouble, aren't I? :)