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Friday, March 05, 2004

Over at Crescat, I just posted some stuff about Justice Harry Blackmun's papers and the Nina Totenberg's NPR transcripts about them. So if actual law-related stuff like that interests you, you can check it out. I will point out here that before law school, Blackmun was one of my favorite Supreme Court justices, since our last names are homonyms. But since coming to law school, he's become one of my least favorite, since every time his name is mentioned, I worry I've just been called on.

The funniest piece from the NPR transcripts:

In the Oral History, Blackmun also described how, in the 1970s, when pornography was a big issue, the justices watched dirty movies...

Blackmun: I remember one time Justice Harlan was there, sitting with his law clerk up font. Of course, his eyesight was almost totally gone, and it was hard for him to see. I sat right behind him, and as the film moved on--and they were all alike // he'd lean over and say to his law clerk, "and what are they doing now?" and the law clerk would describe it and justice Harlan would say, "You don't say, you don't say."