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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Selections from the online Harvard Law School calendar of events, with very brief and generally useless commentary:

TODAY: The Harvard Women's Law Journal is pleased to announce its annual conference on "Emotion and the Law." Scholars from around the country will discuss how emotion impacts the practice and theory of the law with panel topics including: "Therapeutic Jurisprudence;" "Emotions and the Legal Practice;" "The Social Construction of Love & Care: Sexual Orientation and Family Law;" and "The Social Regulation of Emotion: Hate, Lust, Anger & Passion."
My Torts professor cried in class once. Does that count?

TONIGHT: Transmission: Not Your Typical Drag King Show. The Country Kings, a popular thirteen-member North Carolina-based drag king troupe, invite you to an evening of hot, political, fun-filled entertainment as they take their best-of show on the road.
I don't know what a Drag King is -- but I'm assuming it would be the opposite of a draq queen, or Women dressing up as Men -- which seems less scandalous, I suppose, than the other way around. I suppose.

TUESDAY: Talmud Class: Adverse Possession Then and Now. Come see how the sages of the Talmud dealt with everyone’s favorite subject from property class—adverse possession. All sources will be provided in English.
I'm glad all sources will be provided in English. Not that I'm going.

NEXT WEEK: HLS Spring Blood Drive. Walk-ins are welcome. Located in the Ropes-Gray Room, Pound Hall. Sponsored by HLS GOP.
I got in trouble last time I made a comment about the blood drive being sponsored by the Republicans. No comments this time.

NEXT WEEK: Great American Meatout. Stop by for free food, information on vegetarianism and to enter a raffle by pledging to go meat-free for a day.
Surely they could have come up with a better name for this. "Meatout"?? It sounds kind of vulgar.

This last one gets in for the typo. Or at least I think it's a typo:
Working on Campaigns and Women in Politics. Panels of Attorneys who have worked on campaigns and/or have fun for office.