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Monday, March 15, 2004

There's an organization here called the "Student Funding Board" -- basically, they decide how to allocate the school's money toward extracurricular activities, based on budgets presented and presentations made. Besides just really enjoying the power that I suppose comes with managing the six-figure budget and controlling the fate of your fellow students, I can't imagine why anyone would have interest in being on this board. If you're on the board, you can't be on the board of any organizations they fund -- meaning that basically you're distributing money to organizations you're not in. I don't personally care whether the Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law gets $5000 or $7500 next year, and I can't see why there are people who care enough to be on a board that decides it, and read proposals and hear presentations and study budgets... heck, even for the organizations I'm involved in I'm not sure I really care how much money we get. Whatever you give us we'll spend it, but it's not like my quality of life will change based on whether the a cappella group gets $500 or $1000. This whole thing just seems silly -- yes, I guess they need to actually have a process to decide how the money gets allocated; and, yes, I guess it's better for students to do it than administrators (although I'm not really sure why -- I haven't thought through this point), but who are these students who are so motivated to devote their time and energy to doing this? And why??