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Monday, March 22, 2004

This week, we have Class Marshal elections. Class Marshals are the people who "plan" the 3L year -- they organize social activities, find a graduation speaker, make sure we get our caps and gowns... I'm not really sure exactly, but stuff like that... stuff I can't really imagine anyone enjoys doing, but, for whatever reason, people want to do it. So they run, and we vote for them. The past few days I've gotten a bunch of e-mails that look sort of like this:

Dear Friends, Acquaintances, and Others in the Facebook,

I am writing first to encourage you to vote in this week's elections for Class Marshal, which may also be spelled Marshall, but I am neither certain nor consistent in my knowledge on this ground. Second, I am writing to say that if you do vote in the Class Marshall elections, please vote for ME! Through these past two years in dreary Cambridge, you and I have gotten to know each other through our time spent in rewarding extracurricular pursuits and/or late-night conversations in the dorms and/or in the enriching classroom experiences we have shared and/or nodding an acknowledgement of recognition to each other around campus and the surrounding community when our paths happen to cross and/or none of the above. You have seen me to be an extraordinary motivator of people and/or highly organized and/or just crazy enough to embrace a position which involves spending my third year of law school planning events for others to enjoy and/or none of the above. I'm not completely sure whether it will really make a difference in your lives who become the Classs Marsshallls, or why it will make a difference in my own life if I win, but I ask that when you fill out that ballot and/or vote online and/or both, you remember the good times we may or may not have shared, and the qualities you may or may not think I will bring to the position, and you vote for ME! I also hope you enjoy receiving this e-mail from not only ME! but from every single acquaintance we share in common, sometimes twice.

Your Bestest Friend and/or Someone You Barely Know