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Friday, March 12, 2004

Top 10 Reasons Why 1Ls Choose To Do The Law Review Competition

10. Fifty extra hours a week they really want to spend checking footnotes.
9. Punishing themselves for past sins.
8. Do not believe the hiring statistics from the past hundred-odd years that overwhelmingly indicate they'll get great jobs regardless.
7. Have friends on the law review; miss seeing them.
6. Mostly just curious to see if they'll make it; haven't thought through the consequences.
5. Sleeping has stopped being fun.
4. Got confused: thought law review was the name of an intramural softball team.
3. Empty space on resume; "law review" exactly the right number of letters.
2. Want the chance to publish own written work while still a student; forgot that means they have to write something.
1. Really want to be a law professor at Harvard, and nowhere else will do.