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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Fire Alarm

I was in class this afternoon and the fire alarm rings. It was a siren sound, a few times, and some lights flashing. And then the siren stops, and an automated voice comes in over the loudspeaker. If this was a real emergency (it turned out to -- apparently -- be nothing, although they evacuated the building, firemen came, but ten minutes later we were all back inside), we'd all be fried, because we'd still be listening to the long-winded automated emergency voice. Which said -- and I think I'm only barely exaggerating:

The sound you just heard indicated the emergency response system has activated. Following this brief message, the alarms will sound again. You should calmly pack up your things, grab all of your belongings, and slowly exit the building through the nearest door in an orderly fashion. Once the emergency situation has been resolved, the alarms will stop sounding, and you will be allowed back into the building. Please follow the instructions of the emergency personnell, as they will instruct you on the proper steps to take once you have calmly and carefully exited the building. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We hope to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Watch your step. Happy Holidays. God Bless America.
OK, the last part was an exaggeration. But, come on, we all know what a fire alarm means. "Get out of the building. Now." If they must have an automated voice, that's all it needs to say. I know professors are paid by the word, but fire alarms??