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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Happy Second Night of Passover, to anyone who's reading this over a cold plate of matzoh and gefilte fish and hoping for happy holiday wishes. Gefilte fish, incidentally, is an appetizer made of lots of fish, ground up and formed into fish balls, covered in what I can only assume is fish-flavored jelly, eaten with little tiny carrots and bright red radioactive horseradish. Gefilte fish actually looks kind of like matzoh balls, except bigger and fishier. One year my grandmother couldn't get her matzoh balls to be the right consistency ("These matzoh balls are too firm;" "These matzoh balls are too soft;" "These matzoh balls are just right") and made about a hundred of them and froze the "defects." I joked with her that she should have given them out to the trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Heck, it's better than pennies.

(This post was sponsored by the B'nai Brith, Anti-Defamation League, and the National Jewish Legal Defense Fund.)

Incidentally -- if anyone wants to send me a haiku about Passover, I'll post it. I don't know why I've decided that could be fun.

UPDATE: Here's the best of the haiku I received.

From Madeline, who has a lovely weblog here:
I pray for freedom
From matzoh constipation
Next year buy whole wheat

From Michelle, who as far as I know doesn't have a weblog:
Where is Elijah?
He must be wasted by now.
Let's give him grape juice.

[If anyone's looking for Equal Time, feel free to send me an Easter haiku.]

UPDATE 2: Beanie sends this Easter one:

I need a pink Peep.
Chocolate just will not do.
Not yellow or blue.