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Friday, April 23, 2004

Like I said below, having stolen the concept from elsewhere, it's request day here, from now until dinnertime tomorrow.

Request #1 comes from Andy, who asks "I'm requesting more wild and crazy anecdotes about Harvard Law professors."

Andy, most law professors, as I'm sure you know, don't seem too wild and crazy. I had one professor make a joke about condoms that I can't quite remember exactly, and since he's in his 70s, that's pretty wild and crazy I suppose. Our former Dean used to have a beard. That's kind of wild. My Crim Law professor came to class one day holding a dozen red pens, for no obvious reason, and just held onto them the entire class. Which was kind of crazy. My Tax professor occasionally gives out candy, which may seem wild and crazy, and even had the school provide pizza and cookies one day, which is definitely crazy. My Corporations professor occasionally starts class up to 4 minutes late, which is awfully wild for a Corporations professor, although it may have to do with the class being at 8:30 in the morning and the room being half-full. That's all the true stuff I can come up with, but here's some invented stuff:

Ten Marginally Wild And Crazy Things No Professor Of Mine Has Done (Yet)

1. Smiled.
2. Showed us his tattoo of the "section" symbol.
3. Let us out early.
4. Come to class naked.
5. Have class outside.
6. Have class outside in the middle of a snowstorm.
7. Cancel the exam.
8. Lectured while patting head and rubbing stomach at the same time.
9. Used competitor's casebook when he had written one of his own on the subject.
10. Gotten through all of the assigned reading.