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Saturday, April 03, 2004

No More Spring Break :-(

I was going to head back up to school tomorrow, but all reasonable-hour journeys of the $10 Chinatown bus are sold out. So back I go this afternoon.

Tasks for the 4-hour bus ride:

1. Read copy of Entertainment Weekly I took from parents
2. Lament how few pages it is, and how much more time I have on bus
3. Figure out how bus makes a profit charging only $10
4. Reluctantly, open casebook and do my corporations reading
5. Try to ignore smell of Roy Rogers food residue that has built up in every crack and crevice of the bus, since it stops there in both directions
6. Make to-do list, realize how long it is, and ponder the feasibility of cloning myself
7. Watch ten minutes of Spider-Man on small TV screen, since it's apparently the only videocassette the Chinatown bus company owns
8. Look out window. Oh, it's highway.
9. Regret not bringing anything to eat or drink.
10. Eavesdrop on phone conversation of girl across the aisle. Make mental note to avoid getting too close to her, since she seems to have some sort of grotesque illness she's describing to her best friend. Also, she (ohmygod!) has such a crush on the bus driver it's unbelievable. Uh, yeah.
11. Revise to-do list.
12. Make cell phone call. Realize people are listening. Hang up.
13. Re-read Entertainment Weekly.

Return to step 2 and repeat.