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Thursday, April 15, 2004

One of my friends and fellow law students here has my eternal gratitude for something very, very small, but very, very important. I've written (once) before (a long time ago) about the sad state of the little red mouse nub in the middle of my laptop keyboard. While I use a "normal" mouse (I don't know what that means, but it's a normal mouse, like it fits in the palm of my hand and rolls around) when I'm home, during class I'm forced to use the little eraser-like nub to make the cursor move. And, for about the past year or so (my laptop's almost 4 years old... actually, its birthday is coming up in just two months... I should get it something special, like a CD burner), my red mouse nub has becoming more and more fragile. No, fragile is too polite. Destroyed. It had a little rip, which became a bigger rip, which became quite a decent-sized tear. And the fuzzy surface on top wore down to be smooth and shiny. Making it hard to get rolling. And making the thing pop off the laptop once a class or so, and make me scramble around on the floor to find it. Fun stuff. Anyway, my friend had an extra one, from a time when he had to order one for his laptop and they came in a pack of thirty or something unnecessary like that. And now I have a brand new gray mouse nub, and, despite its lack of color, it's very lovely.