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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Questions and Answers about the end of the school year

Q: My classes end this week. I'm confused.

A: At most law schools, classes run on a "semester" schedule, which means that they begin at some point, run for a number of weeks, and then end. After the spring semester, there are normally final examinations and then a summer break. Many students get jobs over the summer break, many of which are related to things they want to do after law school, although some are really just for prestige and/or pay.

Q: So I'm allowed to leave?

A: Yes. After exams. But you should probably get a job first.

Q: But what about my apartment?

A: Well, if you still have a lease, you still have to pay rent.

Q: Even if I'm not there?

A: Yes.

Q: But how can I afford that?

A: Situations are different for everybody. But you might try "subletting." Subletting means finding a person (or people) to live in your apartment while you're not there, and pay rent.

Q: Wow. That sounds cool. But what if they break my stuff, or drink my milk?

A: If they drink your milk, you should thank them, since your milk is going to be spoiled by the time you get back. If they break your stuff, you can get a security deposit that can cover potential damages.

Q: Subletters sound great! But I need a place to go! Where can I find a job?

A: Many schools have career services professionals who can help you locate opportunities, or at least provide useless lists of nonsense for you to wipe yourself with. They often set up "career fairs" where potential employers come and look for people. Sometimes, you can just call up a public interest organization and offer to work for free. Some schools will even give you a stipend for that.

Q: What is this "public interest" of which you speak?

A: It means legal organizations that do stuff to help people.

Q: Like law firms?

A: Yes, only not evil.

Q: Oh. But all of my friends are working at law firms, and they'll laugh at me if I work for a "public interest" firm.

A: If all your friends were taking horse steroids and laughing at you because you were content to be small and wimpy while they grew a big furry tail, would you take the pills?

Q: Yes. I probably would. I cave into peer pressure easily. That's why I'm at law school.

A: Come on. You wouldn't take horse steroids for real, would you?

Q: I'm at law school, not veterinary school. I don't really know all the facts.

A: Okay. Let me phrase this in a way you might understand, since you're in law school. There are 6 people at the stables. Harry is taking horse steroids, Barry is brushing his tail, Larry is laughing at you, Cary is cutting the pills in half, Gary is going home. What would you do?

Q: I'd kill Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the broom closet.

A: There was no broom closet in "Clue."

Q: Are you sure?

A: Yes.

Q: Oh. I must be confused.

A: Maybe it's the horse steroids.

Q: Perhaps. Where were we again?

A: I don't remember. So you're cool with all the summer stuff?

Q: Yeah, yeah, I got it. Thanks.

A: No problem.