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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

(Returning to posts that have nothing to do with the Old Testament...) last week The Onion had some fake TV listings for real TV stations. I thought I'd try some fake TV listings for fake TV stations.

Law Professor Entertainment Channel
7:00 -- Socratic Password, the game show where students must guess what professors are thinking
7:30 -- Wheel of Grades
8:00 -- "When Harry Called On Sally," starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal
10:00 -- Fear Factor: Research Assistants
11:00 -- The Clerk, a new reality series starring David Souter as Donald Trump
12:00 -- BookTV: Property Law

7:00 -- Blue(Book)'s Clues
7:30 -- Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Hypotheticals
8:00 -- You Can't Do That On Private Property! (featuring green slime)
8:30 -- Who's Afraid of The Judge?
9:00 -- Curious George gets too curious and has to register as a sex offender
9:30 -- The Berenstain Bears get sued

7:00 -- Deposition Idol
7:30 -- Wheel of Student Loan Interest Rates and Payback Plans
8:00 -- "The Hours" starring Nicole Kidman as an associate who pads her hours and then dies
10:00 -- "When Harry Kept Breaking Dates With Sally Because He Had To Work Late"
12:00 -- "When Harry Tried To Buy Sally's Affection With Expensive Gifts, Despite Always Having To Work Late"
2:00 -- "When Harry Asked His Colleagues To Recommend A Good Attorney After Sally Filed For Divorce"
4:00 -- "When Harry Contemplated Suicide"
6:00 -- "When Harry Made Partner"
8:00 -- "When Sally Remarried An Artist, Who Despite A Lack Of Financial Security, Made Sally Very Happy"
10:00 -- "When Harry Died Alone"
12:00 -- "When Sally Realized She'd Been Named As Harry's Life Insurance Beneficiary"
2:00 -- "When Sally Met The Riviera"