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Friday, May 14, 2004

All done. 2L year's over. And I'm back in New York. And I'm annoyed that I threw away my Tax code-list, because it was going to make my odd idea for a post really easy to write. I'm going to try anyway.

Conversation Between Tax Lawyers At The Watercooler

1: I'm sorry for your 165.
2: Thanks. Although it had really been a 129 for a while.
1: I heard she was a real 74.
2: Maybe. But she had a real problem with 40.
1: 163ing. I never heard that.
2: We kept it quiet. She was in and out of 111.
3: Hey, hey, hey! Guess who had a date last night?
1: Thought it would be a nice day, and 63s you.
2: Yeah, you're 61.
1: That girl was probably just making a 170.
2: I bet she needs 104 after whatever you did to her.
1: Yeah, because spending time with you is a 183 for sure.
3: Hey, hey, at least I had a date and wasn't getting 73.
1: That's 61!
2: Yeah!
1: I wish 101 on you.
2: That goes double for me.
3: Sorry, sorry. I just came by to get some milk for my coffee. Have you seen the 67?
1: All we have is skim.
2: Try the 125.
3: Thanks. [he exits]
1: It would be a 132 to lose him.
2: Definitely.