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Friday, May 21, 2004

Billing time has been interesting so far. We bill in 6-minute increments (tenths of an hour) here. Not my time log, but we all can dream, can't we?

0.1 -- Adjusted my eyes to the light in the office (Nonbillable)
0.2 -- Read headlines on (Nonbillable)
0.1 -- Daydreamed about stuff (Nonbillable)
0.1 -- Called partner who gave me assignment (Sort of billable?)
0.1 -- He didn't pick up his phone (Nonbillable)
0.2 -- Recorded timesheet for first 0.6 hours of the day (Nonbillable)
0.1 -- Went to bathroom, thought about case (Billable)
0.1 -- Washed my hands (Nonbillable)
0.1 -- Reviewed billable hours from yesterday (Nonbillable)
0.3 -- Proofread something I wrote yesterday (Billable)
0.3 -- Proofread it again (Billable)
0.3 -- Proofread it a third time (Billable)
0.3 -- Proofread my billable hours log (Nonbillable)
4.5 -- Lunch
0.2 -- Bathroom
0.4 -- Talk to other summer associates about lunch, compared notes, decided what restaurants to seek out in the near future
0.2 -- Bathroom
0.2 -- Bathroom
2.5 -- Lunch II
[end of day]