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Monday, May 10, 2004

Exam this morning was... reasonable. Two more to go. I've written before about proctors, the elderly folks who hand out and collect the exams. Today, however, was a first. One proctor announced, as he began to read the instructions, "Good morning, my name is John [something]. I am the HEAD proctor for this exam. My two ASSISTANT proctors will be handing out the exams as I read these instructions verbatim." He emphasized HEAD and ASSISTANT very much so. This guy was on a freaking power trip because he was the HEAD of the three-person team assigned to hand out law school exams. Insane. At one point, he said, as if anyone cared: "You may notice that the green attendance cards, if you have the new ones, ask for your last name first now. Note the change." Maybe he got appointed to the HEAD proctor position by taking note of details like that. "I will write the time on the board at regular intervals, whenever I remember." Thanks. He really said that. "But, as always, the time will be kept officially by the clock." By the clock? But you're the HEAD proctor!?!?! Shouldn't the HEAD proctor keep the OFFICIAL time? Okay, clearly I've gone insane. I'm in the library right now, and there's a sign right by the computers:

Please be advised!!!

The computers in the library are experiencing random rebooting. The issue is being worked on.


5-02-04 Library Automation Department
A few questions raised:

1) What in the world is the "Library Automation Department"???
2) Why can't they spell-check??? ("Fequently")
3) What in the world makes computers randomly reboot???
4) Why so many exclamation points???

Scheherazade has an uber-cool post about interviewing a new lawyer for a job at her firm and how young lawyers, without even knowing it, run the risk of becoming "one of them." I may be grossly mischaracterizing her post. Go read it and find out for yourself. I need to post fast, before the computer randomly reboots or the HEAD proctor finds me and cuts off my HEAD.