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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Greg has some advice about law school, framed as a comparison of law school and other grad schools. Aside from mentioning that it's somewhat school-specific -- the grading where he is sounds a lot rougher than the grading here, where you have to mess up to get a B-, and apparently be virtually comatose to get a C (I've heard of them existing, I've seen them on a grade distribution curve from a '98 exam -- barely -- but I haven't even ever heard anyone say they know of someone who knows someone who got one) -- there's not a ton I have to say, since I haven't been to any other kind of grad school besides this one. But I don't think law school is, or has to be, nearly as unpleasant as Greg makes it sound -- and maybe I'm spoiled because everyone here who wants a job gets one, and so I don't feel it's as competitive, and I don't feel like it's all that much different from undergrad in a lot of ways. More reading, less writing, don't fall too far behind on the reading, pray for a good day when you take the final... Greg's post makes it sound like grad school is very different from undergrad, with more group work, more "adults," more like work, a little bit, and less like school. Which is interesting, and may not actually be counter to my contention that law school and undergrad aren't horribly dissimilar. I don't know.