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Saturday, May 08, 2004

I am back in Beantown. My computer, sadly, isn't. This morning it imploded before I left. It had been doing weird stuff, but this morning it wouldn't boot. Was able to borrow a laptop from a family friend to take back with me for exams this week (Thursday night I head back to NY for the summer) so I don't have to handwrite. But computers, aren't they something. Seems like everyone at Harvard has computer problems -- I'm not clear if that's the network's fault (everyone seems to get viruses) or what. I have no idea. But my borrowed computer stays off the network, and I'm e-mailing and blogging and all that jazz from the library for the week. Which, actually, will probably make my studying at home a lot more productive, so I don't know that I'm complaining all that vociferously.

Anyway, enough about my computer! On the Chinatown bus this evening, I was sitting next to a guy reading a book called "Survival in a Time of Crisis." Frightening. Not sure what crisis he was anticipating.

I saw "Avenue Q" on Broadway with a friend this afternoon before heading back up here. Loyal readers will recall I wrote about the soundtrack a bunch of months back. I liked the soundtrack. The show was better than the soundtrack. It was thoroughly entertaining. Thoroughly. I would say more, but if I say more, it will be all about me, and how seeing bad theater/TV/movies makes me feel better about my own skills and possibilities than seeing good theater/TV/movies. But it's getting late, and I want to go watch Saturday Night Live so I can feel better about myself.