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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I had an hour of Lexis training today. I was tempted to sign into Westlaw on the Lexis training computer, just to see what would happen. The trainer kept saying stuff like "there was big demand for that feature, Westlaw doesn't have it, only Lexis does." Yeah, it's like drop-down menus, or automatic pdf conversion, or something so marginal. Don't get me wrong -- I actually prefer Lexis to Westlaw (Note to any Lexis reps reading: Can I get points for publishing that? Note to any Westlaw reps reading: I'm just kidding). I like Lexis better because it has more magazines, and reading Variety and the New York Times archives, and Newsweek, and Entertainment Weekly, and Sports Illustrated for free -- well, knowing I can, not that I actually do -- is pretty cool.