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Sunday, May 23, 2004

I have a side project I'm exploring -- am just beginning to explore -- but if anyone who reads this happens to (a) be thinking about filing for bankruptcy, (b) have filed for bankruptcy or had parents who filed for bankruptcy when you were a kid, or (c) have some expertise in this stuff, and might be willing to helping me out with something (an e-mail for more details invokes no commitment at all on your part for anything whatsoever), shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.

("Side project" is not a code word for "I am thinking about filing for bankruptcy," although it would be a pretty interesting experiment to put up a donation box and see if implying I'm bankrupt got me any contributions -- but, no, this isn't what this is about -- it's related to the third-year-paper requirement we have at school, and I'm trying to get my wheels spinning on an idea I've got.)