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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I love the vaudeville routine after every exam -- the "I really want to talk about the exam, but I really don't want to talk about the exam" act that everyone puts on that leads to impossibly vague conversations that do nothing but raise questions.

1: "So... not, uh, terrible, right?"
2: "No, no, it was, uh... not terrible."
1: "On the long one---"
2: "No, no, no substance."
1: "No, just, the long one was not obvious, right?"
2: "No, I didn't think it was obvious."
1: "And the practice exam didn't really..."
2: "I don't know, I don't want to talk about it."
1: "But for the one with the clown... did you use up all the word limit?"
2: "No, no, not even close."
1: "Good, good."
2: "There were a bunch where you had answers that were pretty much the same, right?"
1: "I don't know about a bunch, but more than one, sure."
2: "And you were pretty confident about that?"
1: "Reasonably, I guess."
2: "There was quite a bit of... reading... in the second part."
1: "Yeah, and I was kind of amused by the little trick."
2: "The little trick?"
1: "Yeah, on the third... oh wait, you didn't see the little trick?"
2: "What little trick? No, don't tell me."
1: "It wasn't-- It wasn't that big of a deal, just the way the statute--"
2: "No, no... you opened the statute?"
1: "Yeah, a couple of times."
2: "I just used my notes."
1: "I was going to just use my notes, but then that question with the apricots, and there was nothing--"
2: "The hypothetical from class--"
1: "I don't know. Stop, I don't want to know."
2: "Okay, okay. But certainly the moral of that whole exam was Rule 92. Rule ninety-freakin-two."
1: "92? What? What in the world is Rule 92?"
2: "Nevermind. I didn't mean to--"
1: "Yeah, I don't want to--"
2: "Let's get some lunch."
1: "Okay."