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Saturday, May 15, 2004

I saw "Mean Girls" tonight. I didn't much like it. I thought I'd like it more. UPDATED SUNDAY MORNING: Okay, why didn't I like it? Well, it didn't feel particularly grounded in any sort of reality. Every character was enough of an exaggeration of what the actual "type" might be that, to me, they ceased to be human beings and there was no thread with which to relate. So there were all of these caricatures populating the movie, each with a goal of his or her own, and the interaction just wasn't there. It touched no emotional place, no genuine nugget of feeling. And so all these caricatures existing in their own little worlds limited the potential for funny. The laughs were on one-liner jokes thrown in, and not the more satisfying laughs from situations that are funny and build on the character funny. It just wasn't a satisfying movie, on really any level. I can't imagine the book off of which it was conceived is as shallow as the movie, and says, basically, just that some girls -- The Plastics -- are the royalty of the high school and everyone else is in awe of them or hates them. There had to be more. And I thought the movie was going to do more -- a little while with The Plastics, and then some time with the Fat Girls, or whoever... but it never got away from its first step. So, just not satisfying. I feel dumb for having wanted to see it. That's not a good feeling to leave the theater with -- dumb for having wanted to see the movie. I think Tina Fey is better than this movie, but that something must have gotten derailed along the way, where someone wanted one movie and someone else wanted another movie, and it ended up like this. I don't know. It's not an utter disaster, there's some moments that are entertaining, but it just hangs together as a bunch of disconnected exaggerated characters that don't do anything worth watching.