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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Lazy advertisement I saw on the subway -- it was from an abortion rights group and had a picture of an imaginary "Abortion Outlawed" headline on a newspaper article. The words in this fake article were big enough to read, but whoever made the ad didn't bother to write a mock article, and instead just used what looked like an article about foreign tax credits, probably from something like the Wall Street Journal -- but it was completely unrelated and served no purpose. How hard would it have been, before printing your ad for the subway, to either (a) blur out the words, or, even better, (b) write a fake article. Inexcusably lazy.

More randomness: I just posted at Crescat a link to this article from Thursday's Harvard Crimson about a report asking for gender-neutral bathrooms to accommodate transgendered students who don't feel comfortable in the men's room or the women's room. I commented that I'm sure my initial reaction that it seems kind of silly would be different if I knew any transgendered people and could see this through their eyes. Nevertheless, the article was interesting, and maybe someone else wants to be bold enough to write something substantive about it in either direction, so there's the link.