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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Movants" comes up in spell check as "mutants." That's funny. I almost clicked "change" just for fun. "The mutants requested an extension...." Ha. [This isn't actually funny, is it? I'm just grasping for anything, aren't I? This isn't a good sign.]

In a building I can see from my window, there's what I thought was a putting green on the rooftop ledge. But in fact, the building is farther away than it looked, and so today, when I saw people there, and saw how small they were, I realized this was closer to a small soccer field than a putting green. Although they probably don't play soccer there because if they did and the ball went over the wall, it would probably kill the people 30 stories below on the sidewalk. It may be some sort of outdoor exercise facility. I'm not completely certain. There are orange cones though. So maybe football. But same problem as soccer with the ball. Maybe nerf football.