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Friday, May 07, 2004

Random thoughts on the "Friends" finale, which I just finished watching, thanks to the magic of videotape. Keep in mind I haven't seen an episode of friends in at least two years, maybe more.

1. I wish they would have explained that Erica was a surrogate mom, because it took me the longest time to figure out who she was -- when Phoebe told Ross he was going to be an uncle, I guessed she was Chandler's sister, but I still didn't know why she was there and pregnant. But then I finally figured it out.
2. Is Courteney Cox Arquette pregnant? All of her shirts were untucked, and she looked normal-sized, but last time I saw her on TV she looked emaciated, so I'm guessing someone either did an intervention and forced her to stop throwing up, or she's pregnant. Hopefully she's eating while pregnant or she's going to give birth to a skeleton.
3. Who's the dude who wants to get Phoebe pregnant? I know in real life he's Paul Rudd, and was in "Wet Hot American Summer," a very funny movie, but I have no idea why he's on "Friends" and how he's related to Phoebe.
4. The second "muffin" line -- very predictable.
5. Who puts their boarding pass in their bag and buries it in there when they know they're going to have to show it in just a minute? Of everything that didn't ring true in the episode (Ducks in the foosball table??) that was the biggest, and it was totally unnecessary too.
6. For about ten minutes before Phoebe called Rachel on the cell phone I was wondering why they hadn't called her -- why not right when he decided to go after her, like "stop the cab, where are you, I'll meet you there and we'll talk." Stupid.
7. After the article I read yesterday about the lawsuit against the Friends writers I kept wondering when the scene with the [deleted for children's eyes] was coming up, and it never happened.
8. Why does Joey get a spinoff? Watching Monica and Chandler raise those kids looks more interesting to me.
9. Wasn't there a funnier word than "flange" for the plane part?
10. Why couldn't they run into Frasier and his brother and they could all just say goodbye together?