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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Saw the end of the Survivor finale, and the reunion show afterwards, even though I hadn't seen any episodes of this season's Survivor. But it was still sort of interesting. Made the season seem pretty interesting, though I hadn't seen any of it.

After the break: a new twist. We'll be decapitating one of the 18 Survivors on national television... and Amber will get to choose who it is. Come on Amber, you've got ten seconds to make your choice!

Amber: I choose Rob, since I only said yes to the proposal because I thought he was going to win the million dollars. Now that I've won, I don't want to share it.

[audience cheers]

[end of Survivor stuff]

Had a conversation with a friend today about potential law firm orientation activities, like if they do stuff like play "two truths and a lie" with the summer associates. Bad ideas if they do:

>>Making racist comments. ("I'm actually Chinese!")

>>Admitting awkward personal stuff. ("I was raped!" "Last night!" "By the guy next to me!")

>>Saying stuff that makes it sound like you don't really want to be there. ("My goal in life is to be a stripper!")

Exam in 11 hours. Corporations. The practice exams all have fact patterns based on old movies -- Casablanca, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. I'm hoping this year's will be based on Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. "A bystander learns of Jesus's impending crucifixion and buys stock in the local wood plank and nail companies. Is he liable under 10-b-5?" "A corporation is started by The Jews. Aren't they all?" "Jesus buys stock, dies, and then, within 6 months, is resurrected, and sells his stock at a profit. Has he violated Rule 16-b?"