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Monday, May 10, 2004

Stream of consciousness one hour and ten minutes before corporations exam

Why did I think I needed an hour to eat a danish, check my e-mail, and set my fantasy baseball lineups before my exams, when I really only needed ten minutes, and I could have done it after the exam anyway? I know rule 14-e-3 applies to tender offers only, but I'm not sure what it applies to tender offers only. I hope it doesn't start raining, since I left my umbrella home. Should I go to the bathroom again before my exam? Is there any way to get the song stuck in my head out of my head before the exam? Did I forget anything? Will my disk work? Should I have eaten more than a danish? Should I check again which room my exam is in? I could have read it wrong, I suppose, although I did just check this morning. Should I really be writing a weblog post an hour and six minutes before my exam? Is there any more corporations I can possibly learn? Should I abbreviate business judgment rule as BJR on the exam to make it seem like I'm more comfortable with this language than I really am, or should I just write the whole thing out? Should I just play it by ear based on how close to the word count I am? Is this post funny? If it isn't should I post it anyway? I feel like I'm wasting time, but don't know how to actually be productive doing anything an hour before my exam. I like Blogger's new interface. That was random. I think I know the person sitting down the row at the computer cluster but I'm not sure. Does it matter? He's probably wasting time before an exam too. Do Revlon duties apply if he board doesn't actually want to sell but thinks it's being forced into it? I'm yawning. Did I not sleep enough? Was watching the first half-hour of Charlize Theron's episode of Iside the Actor's Studio really worth sacrificing a half-hour of sleep? Has Charlize Theron really done enough to merit an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio? Are they running out of actors? Is there actually an apostrophe in Actor's on the show, and if there is, is it after the S instead of before? Actors'? Actor's? Actors? We used to call female actors actresses anyway, right? Was there some definied point where that switched? Like the defined point where we switch to Revlon duties? That just sort of fell together, that returning back to corporations seamlessly thing. I didn't plan to make Revlon relevant again after my little Inside the Actors' Studio bit. Hmmm. Interesting. Yawning again. Not good. Glad the exam is only two hours. And starts in 59 minutes. Maybe I should go to the room it's in and stare at my outline. That would be more productive than this. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Okay, stopping now. Really, I am. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done!