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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Today I had computer training, which is about how it sounds. Despite hopes for something disastrous and/or uproariously funny to happen, just to make the day more interesting, it was all pretty normal. Thus I'm forced to think outside the box for something to write about. This, I'm sure, has nothing to do with the firm, but the elevators in the building have little screens that show news, weather, sports, etc while you're riding up or down. It strikes me as a little bit sad. Not that it's not nice to have something to read, but is 45 seconds in an elevator really too long to go without some sort of stimulus? I don't mind 45 seconds of contemplation in the elevator, solitary thought or reflection... but apparently society doesn't have time for that anymoe and we need elevator entertainment. Gosh.

5 strange people I saw on the subway yesterday or today:

1. Woman with big visible neck tattoo
2. Man with fluorescent blinking cell phone lights
3. Woman with Slim Jim sticking out of her purse.
4. Man reading math textbook and mouthing the words to himself as he read
5. Woman who kept had both of her hands on the pole and was rubbing them around -- as if the pole was not something to be avoided at all costs.