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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I went to the Yankees game tonight with some friends, bleacher seats. Weather held out; good game; lots of scoring in the first inning; the rest of the game was pretty normal, but stayed close so it was fun. They frisk you for any weapons when you go in -- and then hand you one. It was light-up pen night. These things were heavy and dangerous. And then they put up on the scoreboard that Yankees Ice Cube Tray night was coming up soon. Ice cube tray night?? That sounds dangerous too. And relatively useless. I was waiting for them to advertise Yankee Letter Opener night or Yankee Axe Day to really get things exciting. People were not friendly to the guy in the bleachers with a Red Sox jersey on. They called him names. Why come to a Yankees game in a Red Sox jersey? They weren't even *playing* the Red Sox.

I had sushi for lunch at work today. It was okay, but for the price it should have been phenomenal. It was definitely not 6 times better than sushi I would normally eat, even though it cost about 6 times more. The plates were nice. I don't know what else to say about the sushi. I'm still alive, so I guess it was fresh enough. We thought the waitress said they had Crab Miso soup; we discovered when she brought soup with shells in it that it was Clam Miso soup. That's just as it sounds. It was tolerable, but don't seek it out. How much more about sushi can I say?

I recommend sitting in on conference calls, just as a default activity to volunteer for if you're at a firm with not much to do. You get to feel like you're working when really you're just eavesdropping. It's fun.

I accidentally sent a file to my "RightFax Printer" because I pushed enter too quickly. I have no idea where that took it. I did not see it again. I am hoping it just vanished into etherspace.

Someone e-mailed me saying my paragraphs are too long. Not today.

Really, I mean it. Not today. I'm making up for it.

That same e-mail asked why I don't have comments. I do have comments. It's called "e-mail me." The last thing I want, like I told her, is to post something funny and have someone comment funnier. My blog, my funny. Your blog, your funny. Makes sense, right? I think so. Not like I'm commenting on national security here.

Got another e-mail that's really nice, saying this is better than a blog of some guy on the toilet in Utah. Very nice. I appreciate e-mail like that.

Tomorrow is Thursday. That was quick. 4-day weeks. Cool stuff. I'm sleepy.