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Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm going to a Brazilian Barbeque restaurant with work people for lunch in a bit. I've been to one before, but it was cheap, and I assume this one isn't as much. Basically, it's all you can eat salad bar and assorted meat on skewers that waiters bring around and cut for you. The one I went to started with easy stuff like beef and chicken and progressed to things like goat, rabbit, and gerbil (not the third one, but the first two). Despite my embrace of ethnic cuisine of pretty much all sorts, I do draw the line at things that seem cuddly, like rabbits and gerbils. And, besides, I'd filled up on salad bar. I never feel like I get real value at all-you-can-eat places, because I'm not a big guy, and just can't eat that much. But if I'm not paying... then it's fun to try stuff... and just leave most of it on my plate... so that's what I'm planning on doing for lunch. One bite of things that seem interesting; no bites of things that look or sound disturbing; and nothing that looks like anyone else has sneezed on it. That's my other problem with all-you-can-eat or salad bar places. You never know how long that stuff has been out for... or what people have done to it... or who's breathing on it... there's an uncleanliness that makes me uncomfortable. It's how people get food poisoning. People here got sick a few weeks ago (I may have mentioned this in a prior post) at a restaurant from something called a Tower of Fish. Which sounds awful. I wouldn't eat that, or a Monument of Beef, an Obelisk of Chicken, a Statue of Lamb, a Pile of Pork, or a Mound of Dog. Anyway, the gimmick at the Brazilian BBQ I've been to before was that you got a block painted half red and half green and if you wanted more meat, you put the green side up; if you didn't, you put the red side up. Not sure whether that was red/green for stop/go, or if it had something to do with the colors of Brazil. I don't know what those colors are. This is going nowhere. I will report back on what I eat, in gastronomically sufficient detail for any readers who may be hungry.