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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Three more assorted notes on the day:

1. I was in an associate's office for something, and he noticed on the Internet that some South Korean guy was killed. Referring to the big important news stories I don't read, despite the fact I go to the NY Times website pretty much every day. But I read the Arts and Leisure stories, the interesting science news, stuff about political campaigns, sports, domestic stuff... I just can't get into the international stuff, even big stuff, like this war we're in (we're still at war, right?). Just doesn't click for me. So I'm woefully ignorant. Oh well.

2. Tonight we have a summer associate event at the Culinary Institute where we're going to (apparently) make some food and then eat it. Which begs the only logical question: if we have a night at the culinary institute, does that mean that interns at the culinary institute have a night where they visit a law firm and learn how to do law stuff? It would only make sense....

3. The first chapter of Bill Clinton's book is on the NY Times site. I'm not compelled to read the rest. Sorry. Only to parody it.