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Friday, July 02, 2004

1. I saw Spider-Man 2 today. It's solidly entertaining. I won't give anything away. Just note: you should go to the bathroom beforehand. It's long. And if your previews are as bad as the ones I saw... you're in for a long first 10 minutes of your moviegoing experience. Terrible previews. Terrible.

2. I read Brendan Halpin's "Losing My Faculties" on my commute this morning. He's a high school English teacher. It's a book about his experiences. He's a very good writer. He's funny, he's introspective, he tells good stories, he paints rich pictures. A number of years ago, I read his previous book, about his wife's battle with breast cancer. It's a wrenching read. He knows how to write. Good books, both of them.

3. Lawyers may be your best friends if you're planning on setting off any fireworks this weekend. Watch your fingers. I'm going to see the Mets-Yankees game on Sunday. That's pretty much the extent of my plans this 3-day weekend. Besides hammering out some of a screenplay. Tomorrow. If I can get a good night's sleep tonight and be well-rested and motivated.