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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hey, a shot in the dark here, I'm looking for recommendations on laptops, or any I should stay away from.  I'm looking for something pretty simple -- for taking notes at school, using the Internet, probably a CD burner and a quality sound card -- but I don't care how big the screen is or about anything with an abbreviation -- RAM, ROM, HDTV, PCP, anything like that.  Just something that works.  So if anyone has any nice (or terrible) things to say about relatively cheap, but not crappy, laptops, let me know.  Anyone who knows cheap places to look, or works for Dell and can get me 30% off -- your e-mails are also welcomed.  (I've already looked at the Harvard discount laptop purchase page, which didn't seem like it was discounted much.  Way out of my league.)