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Sunday, July 04, 2004

I got one e-mail so far for all-request Independence weekend (see below):

"I get the day off Tuesday. OK Monday too - but I have things I have to do that day. Now Tuesday is open for anything. So...I'd like your opinion on what I shoud do on Tuesday. OK, it's more of a suggestion than an opinion. How's this - barring a suggestion of illegal activity... I'll do whatever you suggest. Hmmm. I'm placing a lot of faith in your opinion today."
Interesting. I guess this gives me the opportunity to riff on what would be a perfect day. I can try that. Let's see...

1. Go to sleep early the night before, but don't set your alarm clock. So you're nice and rested for the day.

2. Get in touch with some friends you haven't seen in a while, but really like spending time with. See if they're free too. That'll make the day better, whatever it is you do.

3. Wake up and go to a bakery. Get something just baked that smells good. Eat it. Get some fresh-squeezed juice too. Probably orange juice, but grapefruit will probably do too. I don't know if they fresh-squeeze cranberry juice. It sounds sort of messy.

4. Go for a long walk, with those friends you convinced to take the day off with you. Talk about the meaning of life. Find a frisbee on the side of the road. Toss it around for a while. Make a bad toss and find yourself chasing the frisbee into a perfect spot for a picnic. Find a supermarket nearby, buy some fresh ingredients, use the restroom (since by now surely you'd have to go -- the orange juice, the long walk...), and have a picnic. Linger for a while. Talk about your hopes and dreams and where you think the frisbee came from.

5. Stumble onto an outdoor concert, featuring a band that isn't very well-known now, but you think you hear some potential. Buy their self-made CD, even though you know you probably won't listen to it more than once or twice. Offer them your picnic leftovers. Serendipitously run into an old friend there.

6. Wander toward the ocean, if there's one in proximity (otherwise a lake will do). Go swimming.

7. Dry off. Probably use the restroom again. Head back home with your friends. Talk some more. Share some stories. Laugh. Breathe in the fresh air. Eat some freshly-picked blackberries. Find a stray dog looking for a home. Discover an unexpected tax refund in your mailbox.

8. Cook a light dinner, everybody pitching in, preferably with some vegetables you found at a farmer's market, perfectly ripe and in season. Listen to the birds and crickets. Ignore the termites.

9. Say goodbye to your friends. Restroom again, perhaps. Curl up on the couch with a good book. Watch something TiVo thought you'd like. Write a love ballad. Fold the laundry that's been on the chair for a week. Yawn. Brush teeth. Put on your favorite CD, and let it lull you to sleep.

Not a bad day, right?